Meet the team


N. Vishwanath

N.Vishwanath is a Registered life Planner (from Kinder Institute of Life Planning)

N. Vishwanath is the principal financial planner at Blue Ocean. He is also a Statistics Graduate from Mumbai University, a Certified Financial Planner CM and a Certified Private Wealth Manager (from Centre for Investment Education & Learning)

He relentlessly seeks to add value to his customers’ portfolio and businesses, hence he loves to stay on top of his game. He strives to keep up with the latest trends and best practices by reading and interacting with planners and professional investors across the globe. He has attended 7 FPA (Financial Planning Conventions US) in the United States.

Vishwanath is a tennis player, swimmer, yoga practitioner, a has-been book collector now actively morphing into a voracious book reader. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Visalakshy, their daughter Vasudha and his mother.


Visalakshy Vishwanath

Post Graduate Program in Investment Advisory from NISM

Visalakshy Vishwanath heads the transaction services arm of Blue Ocean. She is a bright Post Graduate in Investment Advisory from NISM, her strength is her attitude of learning alongside her ability to make things simpler for clients to implement.

As a pastime, Visalakshy takes an active interest in learning about complex medical surgeries, thriller movies. When not in office, she doubles up as a mother and homemaker.