Investment Advisory Services

We help clients draw up a relevant financial plan based on their cash flows, assets, liabilities & goals to get a realistic picture of how to navigate their future financial life. If not a financial plan, at the very least, an investment objective is something we would like to insist to our dear clients to be clear about. Things like, time horizon, moneys needed after a particular time, non-negotiability of the want & so on.

We believe that risk is a very broad term & applies not just to investments losing their value but also to clients not being able to fund their financial goals on time. Thus backup is required to know course of action if risk/risks play(s) out.

We offer our Investment Advisory Services as a fee only activity.


It is this philosophy that enables us to successfully manage wealth for close to 120 families AT FIRM LEVEL

The way we engage with our clients is as below:

A ‘no-strings attached’ and ‘getting to know each other’ introductory first meet with the client. This meet doesn’t obligate any fees on your part.

We usually offer to undertake a basic financial plan for the client which is equivalent to a financial MRI. Any decision with regard to revisiting the existing portfolio or creating a new one rests on this aspect.

Creation of a revised plan is the next stage wherein we analyse the opportunities or associated risks. This is a huge exercise but definitely worth it as the client comes to know whether he’s on the right path.

This is naturally followed by asset allocation that’s best suited to the client’s situation apart from taking care of the universal needs viz safety, post-tax returns and liquidity at the appropriate time.

As we move along we carry out an annual periodical review to assess the emerging opportunities or threats. This helps us to know if anything in the client’s life has changed that requires the change in his portfolio in order to serve him better.

At the end of the day, even if one doesn’t have a plan, every investment decision is backed by a reason. It could be fear, greed, a journalist’s advice, a TV channel’s hot tip, a relative’s recommendation or whatever, but there is no reason more sound than your own comprehensive financial plan to tell you what to invest, where to invest, how much to invest and what period to stay invested for. All this comes with the services of a professionally qualified and well-meaning financial planner-advisor. Consider this, in case of health advice, would you take medicines suggested by your friend or would you rather go to a medical professional? Think about it.

Transaction Services

Here we do distribution of 3 rd Party Financial Products through regular plans for our Transaction Services Clients and ongoing services like portfolio reporting & annual reports related to the taxation on their investment portfolios.

Here we can help you with goal based investment suggestions. We are also a IRDA registered Insurance distributor. We deal with the below companies for various products.

Life Insurance - HDFC Life & ICICI Pru Life

General Insurance - Bajaj, ICICI Lombard & New India Assurance

Health Insurance - Care & Manipal Cigna

In the transaction services, we are compensated by way of commissions from the respective investment houses in which our clients’ investments are placed through our broker code. For these clients, we do not charge a fee.

Effective 1 st October 2020, ALL our ADVISORY CLIENTS & TRANSACTION SERVICES CLIENTS are SEGREGATED. No client of one vertical is a client of the other vertical.

Distribution Services

Blue Ocean Financial Services P Ltd. is an AMFI registered ARN-Holder.
It distributes the following products:

Mutual Funds

Debt Funds

Equity Funds

Hybrid (Debt Oriented & Equity Oriented)

Asset Allocation Funds

Portfolio Management Schemes


Real Estate

Company Fixed-Deposits

Tax-Free Bonds

We are also in the process of applying for a Corporate Life & General Insurance Agency Authorization with multiple insurance companies which should hopefully materialize in the next few months.



Our years of experience gained from studying numerous clients’ success stories and goal failures is that they were not due to poor return from an asset class but invariably due to lack of pre-planning and carrying out the plan to the last details.

We strongly believe that, as a client, your portfolio is good enough only if it is backed by a calculated plan that is unique to your situation. Thus the portfolio is meant to serve the plan and not the other way round.

Our investment recommendation philosophy requires that every portfolio follows a detailed & written financial plan that doesn’t leave out any aspect of a client’s financial life. It is then important to follow the plan religiously. We strongly believe that risk management is the default activity in any investment activity. Behavioural counselling, a detailed financial/ investment plan and consistent communication are the tools we employ to help our clients realise their goals. We would like to minimize time and effort on our clients’ part to manage their moneys when instead they could use same time and effort to do the things, they find enjoyable. This is the philosophy that enables us to successfully manage business for close to 120 families.