About us


Blue Ocean Financial Services P Ltd is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory Company, SEBI Registration No: Reg No: INA000003833.

Incorporated on 22 nd May, 2008, Blue Ocean Financial Services helps clients build, & maintain & distribute wealth through the twin tools of financial/investment planning and wealth management services.

At Blue Ocean, we help clients prioritize their goals first. We help our clients navigate their way to the goals inspite of all external distractions AND emotional biases AND market turbulences. We help them build, maintain and distribute wealth portfolios across the investment categories that are right for them.







At Blue Ocean we're obsessed with the fact that we do well, only if our clients prosper.

We believe in a consistent, deep and personal engagement with our clients.

Thorough analysis & understanding of our clients' situations, needs & goals.

We've always believed in expressing nothing but the unvarnished truth to enable them take better investment decisions.

Every advice comes from a strong understanding of our clients' situations & our own experience. We thoroughly analyse & weigh various scenarios before giving an advice.

Whatever their need, at all times our clients are assured of our undivided attention.

Quite few of our client relationships are 15 plus years old which we interpret as their testimony of our commitment towards their financial well-being. We are ever grateful to them for that.

Values & Beliefs